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These CareerCasts from CFA Institute deliver career-focused insights direct from employers who discuss the employment outlook for their industry and function, the competencies they look for and advice on career development. So whether you are looking for your first job or planning your next move, subscribe to these podcasts. Download now, listen later, reflect at leisure.

Nov 26, 2019

Welcome to CareerCast and hello from Shanghai, where we were pleased to meet Mr Zhong, the CEO of North Asia at Amundi Asset Management. Find out why time spent working overseas is incredibly useful for those seeking roles in China’s asset management industry. In particular, it provides candidates with the bigger picture – a series of reference points that helps them see things from a global perspective. Also, learn about the importance of tenacity in today’s employment market: focus on your strengths and, most of all, persevere. These are attributes that will underpin any career in China’s game-changing financial sector.